Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not the Pox part II

We took Maggie to the Pediatrician on Monday for her 2-year Well Baby Check-up. She is very healthy and is developing normally. Yay! She got a few shots and a TB test, but otherwise it was pretty uneventful. The doc looked at her spots and told us it was probably from the Johnson's Baby Wash. She was developing spots in the office as we were talking to the doctor! And since she had just gotten out of the bath, the doctor deduced it must be the soap. We have stopped using soap on her in the bathtub and her spots are going away. She's a little stinky without soap...but what can you do? Kidding! She's as sweet as a rose. We went back to the office today and the nurse looked at her arm and said she doesn't have TB! Yay! It makes me happy when we can cross dreadful diseases off our list. We still have a long list of things to test for - some of which involve stool samples (blech!), but such is the life of an international family.I am going to make a new album in the Photo Gallery with some of the pics we have taken since we've gotten home. Look for it in a bit.

btw - this is how we've been spending our time...We throw Cheerios at Maggie's head and see if she can catch them.

And she can!

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Re: Not the Pox part II By Davin on 2/23/2007
That sequence is funny as ever!
That camera is paying for itself already.
When can we see some of your China home movies?

Re: Not the Pox part II By Mom-Joan on 2/26/2007
Love those pictures. Keep 'em coming! How's it going this week. did you get out into the snow?

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