Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've Been Busy!

Sorry for the lack of updates here. I've been doing some sewing and decorating and facebooking. That's a time killer right there!

You can find me on FB by searching for me using my first name, maiden name and/or married name. (I don't have our last name attached to this blog, so I'm not typing it out)

I've posted pics of what I've been sewing. I made a water bottle holder for Maggie's Klean Kanteen. It's insulated and has an adjustable strap, It's so cute I'm going to make one for myself too! I've also made a cape for Josie's 3rd birthday this weekend. (it's a surprise, don't tell!) She's got a princess thing going on, so this will do her nicely. I have also made Maggie a Word Girl cape and hat, she's adorable in it - if I must say so myself.

The other thing I finally took care of this week was to get pictures up on our huge blank living room wall. We got rid of our wall-size entertainment center over a year ago, and I've been staring at this blank wall since then, trying to think of something cool to put up there. I really wanted a huge stretched canvas print of one of our photos of the Great Wall, but I didn't want to spend $400. I finally decided on some prints of interesting architectural details from our China trip. I converted them to sepia tone, and then printed them out on our home printer. The frames are from Ikea for $13 each. I could have bought cheaper frames, but these are nice and chunky and match the woodwork perfectly.

In case anyone cares, from left to right top then bottom they are: Chang School roof detail, Guangzhou; Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha at the Summer Palace, Beijing; Forbidden City roof detail, Beijing; Forbidden City door detail; Summer Palace courtyard; and Summer Palace walkway.