Sunday, March 4, 2007

A true story "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard".

Miss Maggie came down with a nasty virus on Thursday that landed her in the hospital for 2 days with bronchiolitis. Bronchiolitis is a generic medical term for "your child can't breathe". Her resps were at 70-80 per minute and they should have been at 40, she was also retracting (pulling hard on her stomach and rib muscles to breathe). We ended up taking her to the Woodwinds Hospital ER at 9:00 in the middle of the blizzard because they were the closest. They took her oxygen saturation levels there and found her at 90%, so they immediately put her on oxygen and ordered a nebulizer treatment. She had 3 nebs at Woodwinds, and couldn't keep her oxygen sats over 90% without oxygen, so an ambulance was ordered and we took a trip to Children's Hospital in St. Paul. When the ambulance is only doing 30 mph on 94 and you're still fishtailing all over the road, you know it's bad outside.

As soon as we got to Children's, they gave her a nasal cannula to give her oxygen. Those are the short little tubes that go into your nostrils. If you want to know how to really piss off a 2 year old - stick something in their nose! They started her on nebulizer treatments every two hours and then we waited. She had a pretty rough night/morning, but finally stabilized and they were able to take her off the oxygen by the early afternoon. We spent Friday night in the hospital also because she was getting nebbed every 4 hours and they also wanted to make sure she could make it through the night without supplemental oxygen. Maggie and I shared a bed on Friday night and we both slept 8 hours! We woke up a little bit when the respiratory therapist came in to neb her, but otherwise we were out. Thank goodness - we were all very sleep deprived. When baby can't breathe, baby can't sleep, and if baby can't sleep, nobody can sleep! Bryan and I both had about 3 hours of sleep total Thursday night into Friday afternoon, and Maggie had about 6 total. Not good.

Anyway - Bryan came home a few times to pick up supplies and shovel snow. When he came home on Friday night our driveway had been snowblowed. I believe it was Sean from next door who did that for us. We owe you big time Sean! It saved us a lot of time and trouble, and Bryan was able to come back to the hospital that much earlier. We have great neighbors.

We came home from the hospital on Saturday morning and immediately got some food into the kid. Hospital food is no good if you're a toddler with an "interesting" appetite. For example, she won't eat pancakes or french toast for breakfast, only the sausage or bacon. She doesn't like milk, she gets her dairy from yogurt. She doesn't like any fruit but bananas, peaches and pears. She doesn't like apple juice, she only likes peach juice....etc. We tried to special order her meals, but in the hubbub of trying to keep her from turning blue, the menus got lost in the shuffle. So we all had Tombstone pizza for lunch and Lil' Sizzlers and eggs for dinner to celebrate being home. Nummy - best meals ever!

So - that's the story of "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard". We are nebbing her at home and she made it through the night without a neb treatment! She was breathing long slow breaths in the middle of the night without coughing so we let her sleep. Right now she is bugging her dad in the living room and all is right with the world.

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Re: A true story "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard". By Mom- Joan on 3/4/2007
So glad to hear that all is well. It's uncanny how bad the timing of medical crises can be. Glad you are all well. Hugs...

Re: A true story "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard". By Auntie Loie on 3/4/2007
I remember when my oldest contracted croup the year I was pregnant with her sister. Brian's Mom told me I could expect every baby to get in some hospital time within the first two years of life. Welcome to parenthood! But now for some better times for you all to share. I will be thinking of you and praying for more of those.

Re: A true story "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard". By Ira on 3/4/2007
Thanks for the update! We were concerned at the office.

Re: A true story "How Maggie Went to the Hospital During a Blizzard". By Jennifer on 3/5/2007
Glad all is well. We have been through RSV w/Mackenzie at 5 wks. Remember sitting up watching her breathe all night. Very scary. You sure got baptised into parenthood quickly!

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