Monday, February 5, 2007

We're just fine.

I know. We haven't posted for a little while. We've just been kinda busy running around, filling out paperwork, shopping, and just being a family.

Yes, we have her passport. We actually got that in Hefei. It's a red Chinese passport. We're getting the US Visa put on it here in Guangzhou. We had a quick medical check done here also, although, I don't think it was a thorough exam. They just went through some basics to make sure that she was healthy. She is.

Yesterday morning, we went to the 6 Banyan Tree Temple, The Chang School, and the Jade and Pearl market. The temple was pretty cool. Our guide had a monk bless us and our children.

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Re: We're just fine. By Mary on 2/5/2007
By the way - The people in the picture are Rick and Antinette with their 3 year old daughter Hadley, the monk who wears Nike socks, us and Gwen & Craig with their 17 month old Julia Lu. We've spent most of our time with Gwen and Craig, the other family had to go to Nanjing to pick up Hadley and didn't meet back up with us until we arrived in Guangzhou. We are all Children's Home families, that's why we're in the same group.

Re: We're just fine. By Beth on 2/5/2007
Who's the guy in the white jacket? he doesn't look too happy. None of the kids are smiling either, maybe it'a a Chinese thing. All the parents look very happy to be new mamas and babas.

Re: We're just fine. By Davin on 2/5/2007
Glad to see that everything is going fine. Cool pic.
Does that mean that all Children's Home families are from Minnesota?

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