Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not the Chicken Pox

Well, we got everybody in the family a little excited yesterday with the mention of chicken pox. Upon further review, I don't believe we have a pox on our house. Maggie Mao has about a dozen little red bumps on her body, but they are not blisters or oozing or doing anything gross. So, no pox. We think it may just be an allergic reaction to her new clothing, so we are washing everything and hope that will take care of the problem. Which means we can go out in public and celebrate her birthday this weekend! Yay!
In other news - we are all almost fully recovered from the awful cold we brought back from the far East. Horrible, horrible thing. Daily doses of Airborne didn't even stop that thing and I swear by that stuff.
Maggie just finished up a lunch of tater tots and hot dogs. We'll Americanize her yet! Aunt Lori bought us dogs when we were gone, so we thought we'd try them out on her. She loves them. Yesterday we had beef lo mein, today we have tots. No wonder she toots like a Polish grandpa!
Wow, this post is disjointed. Well, time to put the little booger to bed.

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Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Davin on 2/15/2007
Did you get her medical records when you adopted her?
Maybe she has already been vaccinated for CP, like my daughter was.

I've read that buying Dreft® is a waste of money; normal detergents are just fine for washing kids' clothes.

Glad to hear she is eating!

"You gonna eat your tots?" - Napoleon Dynamite

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Mary on 2/16/2007
Everything here gets washed in Tide w/Downy, her skin seems to tolerate it. And she hasn't been immunized for CP yet - lots of other stuff, but not CP. Today her spots are itching, so I don't know what's up with her. I need someone with experience to come over and look at her - Bryan and I have no idea what we're doing. : )

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Lori on 2/16/2007
Mary - I wish I could help - Does WebMD have pictures? I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Meaghan is going to color you a beautiful picture for your big day. She will probably cut it up with the scissors cuz that is what she does right now but before that happens it will be a beautiful picture. Love Ya!!!

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Davin on 2/16/2007
Good one, Mary! 8^)p
Yes - you two are totally lost and need all parents in both families to come to your house to tell you what's happening with the spots.

BTW - according to my Mom, Ellen's kids were immunized for CP but still got it anyway.

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Ellen on 2/16/2007
If the rash doesn't clear up soon, I'd invest in fragrance-free laundry detergent and separate fragrance-free fabric softener. There's also a sensitive-skin Huggies body and hair wash that we like. We used this for Kyra when she was little and then slowly transitioned her to the regular stuff. In the meantime, get some sensitive-skin baby lotion for her itchies - sometimes just rubbing lotion on it can help with the torturous itching.


(And I know you probably already know this, but don't use soap of any kind on her body - toddlers can get clean with just water. Skip the bubble baths for a little while.)

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Ira on 2/16/2007
We've got the pediatrician on the speed dial for just this sort of thing. Nothing worse than having 63 different "have you trieds" running around in your head.


Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Mom-Joan on 2/17/2007
It could be chicken pox. Little kids usually get a very light case. If the spots get little pustules (ghastly word) then that's it for sure. It's really better if she gets it now, rather than later. She will suffer less, though she will want to scratch them. Know she probably had a lovely birthday with you. Hope to see you soon. BTW, how did the China authorities know her birthday? Was it assigned or was there information with her when she was found? I had it at 8 mo. and still have a scar in the middle of my forhead that my mother was not able to keep me from scratching. I don't remember it of course but have a picture.

Re: Not the Chicken Pox By Auntie Loie on 2/17/2007
I would definitely keep an eye on the spots. Pox look like a nasty white head eventually, and then they scab over. It's typical kid stuff. Not to worry. I'm just sorry it had to happen at birthday time and so soon after Maggie's arrival.

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