Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Very Important Announcements Today!

First of all, Maggie's ad came out in the Mpls./St. Paul magazine yesterday. You guys have already seen it, but here's a scan of the real live actual magazine. How cool is that? She's on page 177. We bought copies of the magazine for the grandparents, the rest of you are going to have to shell out the $4.50 if you want a copy for yourself.

So, the second very important announcement is...wait for it...we're adopting again! The reapplication paperwork just came in the mail today. We got a huge stack of paperwork this time! Maybe I just don't remember how much there was last time? I don't know, but I swear, a hundred pages came in the mail today. So, I've been running around like crazy getting all the rest of Maggie's county paperwork filed (yeah, I know how long she's been home - her adoption is final, she just doesn't have a birth certificate) so we only have one file open at CHSFS at a time and they don't think I'm a total loser for not getting my kid a birth certificate for a year and a half. Whoo, I can run on and on can't I? We're not eligible to go back to China, but Taiwan is an option, so are many other countries. We're going through the special needs program again, so the world is open to us. Last time we chose China first then moved to the WIC (Waiting International Children) program. This time we're doing theWIC program first so I think we can get a referral before our dossier is done and then apply to the country where our kid is. Someone along the line will fill us in on all the details I'm sure.

One thing I do know - this process is very long and very complicated. Right now I'm going to concentrate on getting my paperwork filled out. Then, we will do the next step, and the next, and the next, and the next...! We are also looking for referral letters if anyone wants to volunteer? Sorry mom and dad, you're not eligible.

Oh! I just thought of a 3rd announcement! Does anybody want to buy our house?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

School Pictures Are In!

As the mother of this goofy kid, I can tell you I am capital T thankful that these pictures turned out so good.
Getting a good picture of a 3 year old is a challenge.
Getting a 3 year old to sit still is a challenge.
Getting a 3 year old to say cheese without looking like she's crapping her pants is a challenge.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"The One"

I was watching Love Without Boundaries videos on youtube today and this song by David King was playing in the background of one of the videos.

Do I even have to tell you I cry every time I hear it?

I bought the single off of amazon. Yay amazon!

The One
(Sydney's Song)

Verse 1:

Hey there little brown-eyed girl

Hey there, don’t be shy

You’ve come such a long way

And you don’t even know why

Verse 2:

Thinking about the days ahead

Will the past play on your mind?

All I know for certain

I couldn’t love you more if I tried

Chorus 1:

And I… want to be the one

I know we’re meant to be

Cry if you feel it come, you can

Rest your head on me

Verse 3:

I love when you reach for me
Fingers play across my face

Sometimes can’t help staring

You’re such a picture of God’s grace

Chorus 2:

And I… want to be the one

Lay your head on me

Cry when your world’s undone, you can

Bring your cares and your worries

Repeat Chorus

I want to be the one who holds you tight
I want to be the one who says goodnight

I want to be the one who’s always there
Put the bows and ribbons in your hair

I want to be the one who’s by your side
Be the one who gives away the bride

(Fade) I want to be the one

Chocket Cookies

I'm trying something new, here's a video for you. Excuse the mess, we have a 3 year old.