Thursday, February 1, 2007

Best day yet.

After breakfast, we went to the zoo. Our guide Linda showed us around. Very cool zoo. They could never do this in the US because the insurance people would have a fit. You start out in amongst many of the animals. The deer and bird in the pictures below are about 4 feet from me.

Maggie didn't have much fun at the zoo. She enjoyed being outside, but couldn't care less about the animals.

She slept on the way back and then we made some noodles for her. She's started allowing me to feed her if she was sitting on Mary's lap. They say that this is crucial in the bonding process, and they're right. She's beginning to trust me enough to walk around the room. She used to cling to Mary very tightly. She's really relaxing and having fun today. I'm also the guy in charge of the Cheerios, and today, she walked up to me with her bowl to ask for a refill. That's a huge step.

Oh, I bet you need a new picture by now.

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Re: Best day yet. By Bryan on 2/1/2007
Mary here - Maggie was bringing me the dictionary so I could translate BAH! and LAH! and MAH! from Chinese baby talk into English. We're working on it. She does understand one English word - Blow. She has a nasty nose, and I used to say Blow and then sniff out of my nose so she knew what I wanted. Now, I just have to say the word. Keeps us a few steps ahead of the snot when she can blow. We only go through 100 Kleenex a day now instead of 200!

Re: Best day yet. By Davin on 2/1/2007
She's adjusting quite nicely, it seems.
BTW - I love that green sign stating the the animals are "tender". Yep - if you guys get sick of the ramen and bananas, you have a venison alternative.
I'm still stuck in Des Moines; please send Cheerios!
What a beautiful girl. I'm glad Bryan is slowly bonding with her. Soon, they'll be watching cartoons together.

Re: Best day yet. By Beth on 2/1/2007
Brian doesn't like the zoo either. He said I like Maggie even more. You know the caged animals and all. She is very cute. Showed your website to a guy who delivers are ortho stuff, they just adopted a little girl from China in Oct. He said that bonding with his daughter took time. Not a lot of tall, big white guys in China I guess. I can finally look at the website without getting teary eyed. Yeah. It's supposed to be -2 this weekend in MN, Suppose to be 60 today in OR.

Re: Best day yet. By Mom-Joan on 2/1/2007
Well a new desktop picture for the computer! She is beginning to bloom with you guys! I loved the sign at the zoo. Translation betwenn English and Chinese is probably one of the most difficult I love the part about "Animals May Lose Temper!" Our zoos should say that and then not allow people to sue when their kids aren't supervised enough and get into trouble. Looks like you are having a great time now.

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