Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mama's Nuts!

Hey, Maggie Mao here. I have to tell you what my parents did to me yesterday. I was taking a nap, minding my own business, when my Mama and Baba wake me up after only an hour and put this horrendous itchy ugly outfit on me! Then, then, Mama puts me up on the bathroom counter and brushes my hair with cold water and sprays some sticky stuff on my head! Wait, it gets worse...they then drag me downstairs and start taking pictures. MaoMao, look at the camera, MaoMao smile for Mama. Yeah, right.
Then, after all the pictures with Mama and Baba, they put me on a couch with Julia and Hadley and I could feel the Happiness being sucked right out of me! I'm serious! I was fine, just hanging out with Mama - then poof, I sit down on this red velvet thing and instant crying! It freaked me out too. But did they pick me up and save me from the red couch? Nooo, they kept snapping pictures! Hello! Get me off the evil couch!
Gaah, parents!
Anyway, my Mama says I was a beautiful Chinese Princess. I think Mama's nuts.

I almost forgot to mention this part. They brought me back up to the room and took MORE pictures!

I'll see you guys in a few days, and by the way - I won't look like this. I don't do Princess.

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Re: Mama's Nuts! By Mama on 2/6/2007
Leave this kid alone for just one second and she takes over the blog! Dang! The last picture is of Maggie playing patty-cake with the monkey's feet.

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Nana on 2/6/2007
Dear Maggie,
You ARE a beautiful Chinese/American princess but you won't have to act the part. Our girls get to be what they want to be.
Love, Nana

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Davin on 2/7/2007
A princess? She'll fit right in with this family. JK!
The last picture shows some sores on her left leg. Just normal kid bumps and bruises?

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Lori Matt and the Girls on 2/7/2007
How many princesses do you know that play hockey? I can't wait to get our anti princesses together.
love Ya,Lori

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Mary on 2/7/2007
Yeah Davin, she's a little bruised. Just part of being 2, not a big deal. She also has some scars from bug bites and owies. I'm not concerned, just part of growing up.

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Beth on 2/7/2007
Getting dressed up may seem like it is going to kill you, but it won't. Don't worry you only have to dress up several times during the year, just pray your Mama doesn't buy you one of those fancy Easter dresses. I will be thinking of you as you fly into Portland. Love ya, Auntie Beth

Re: Mama's Nuts! By Kyra on 2/7/2007
Being a princess isn't so bad - it comes in handy when I want something from my subjects, I mean parents. I like to order them around. Sometimes it works!

See you soon! I told Mom I'd share my toys with you, but I'm 2 - we'll see. Gotta go - Mom's coming!

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