Monday, May 11, 2009

I Belong To You

When you were placed in my arms on that grey January day two years ago, I finally became what I always wanted to be - a mommy.

I knew from the first moment I saw your face on the computer 6 months earlier that you were meant to be mine, and that I was yours. The stars lined up, it was my fate, God led me to you - it doesn't matter how you phrase it, we were meant to be together. You fit perfectly into our lives and made us into a family.

On Mother's Day, I also have to remember that you had mothers before me, who loved you and cared for you just as much as I do. Your first mother, who loved you more than anything - but had to give you a chance at life and the surgery you so desperately needed. The a-yi's at the orphanage who took you in, fed you and made you healthy enough to go to the hospital, where another group of mothers nursed you back to health. The mothers at Love Without Boundaries who saw a need at your orphanage and started a Foster Care program. And then finally, your foster mother - who took you into her home and loved and cared for you until I came for you.

I am honored to be the last in this long line of mothers, your forever mother.

Know this little one, you are mine and I am yours.
I belong to you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Cute New Laptop

Here's a pic of my new Mini 10. Isn't she a little cutie? The old Nokia that I used to use and a standard size laptop (and a cute kid) are also in the picture.

Mother's Day Gift 2009

This was in Maggie's backpack today. It's so sweet, brought a tear, it did. And look - she can sign her own name!