Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look How Big I Am!

Miss Maggie had her 4 year checkup this morning - she is doing great! And she's so big! She is now 40 inches tall and 32 pounds!

She's as big as the other 4 year olds if she stands on her toes!

Last year (pink qi pao picture) she was 37 inches tall and 28 pounds, and in 2007 (tinkerbell picture) she was only 33 inches tall and 22 pounds.

So - in 2 years we have put 7 inches and 10 pounds on this kid! She's in the 15th percentile! W00T!

Love's Journey 2

Love Without Boundaries has put their Love's Journey 2 book on clearance for only $25. We bought this book last fall and I absolutely love going through the pictures and reading the adoption stories. I also think it's good for Maggie to see pictures of other little girls and boys from China living with their American families. It's tough sometimes to be different, and this book is full of little kids with families just like hers.
Anyway - great book, great cause. All proceeds benefit LWB.

(side note: shipping to MN is $7.10, other destinations may vary)
Updated to add: This is a large coffee-table size book. it is about 9" x 12" and is 280 pages long.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Posting a Pic

I want this picture over on my sidebar, so I'm uploading it here first. I want to put a link to the Love Without Boundaries blog permanently on this site. I go over there a couple times a week to check up on the babies. It reminds me to hug mine a little tighter.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Strep Test

Last Friday, Maggie woke up from her nap at Grandma's house with a puffed up right eye, welts forming on her tummy and general feelings of yuckiness. Earlier that day, she had the fever that was being passed around Grandma's house. So, a visit to Dakota Peds was arranged, and it was determined that she needed a strep test. So, I held her tight while the nurse stuck Q-tips down her throat and then I shared a few tears with Maggie. Poor thing. Well, the rapid strep came back negative, but her culture the next day came back positive. Crap. How do you explain to a kid that she's going to miss ice-skating lessons (the most coolest hour of her entire week)?

Here goes:
"Sweetie, do you remember when the nurse put the Q-tips in your throat to see what kind of sick you are? The Q-tips were going to tell us if you're just a little bit sick, or special sick where you have to skip skating and go on pink medicine? Well, this morning the Q-tip said that you're special sick, so you can't go to skating today. I'm really sorry about that honey."

Her response?
"Mommy, Q-tips don't talk!"

Next time I'm going straight to how they culture streptococcus pyogenes in the lab. She's obviously too smart for the "talking Q-tip".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Biding Her Time

At what point does the cat just kill us all in our sleep?

Maggie's 4th Birthday

Maggie turned 4 on Monday! Yay!

She got everything she wanted for her Birthday and so much strep, and a respiratory infection and hives and a 104 degree temp and a reaction to amoxicillin and...

Sunday was a nice day in between the strep diagnosis and the respiratory virus - so the party went off without a hitch. We made a trip to Urgent Care that morning to get her on a new antibiotic and she was good to go!

The pictures from her Birthday Party are now online in a Picasa album (click on this sentence to go there).