Monday, March 5, 2007

More Pictures

Maggie enjoying her Tombstone pizza after leaving the hospital. And yes, she ate the whole slice. Her face is shiny because we put Aquafor lotion on her to help remove her cannula stickers. Her oxygen tubes were stuck to her face with those stickers.

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Re: More pictures By Sam on 2/3/2007
Love the pictures. I'm so glad I have a God Sister.

Re: More pictures By Joan on 2/3/2007
Miotkes and Millers here-its only -15 below right now. Hope you guys are enjoying the warmth. Looking forward to seeing you guys home safe and sound. Take Care. We loved the pictures!! The view at night with the lights is Way Cool!!!

Re: More pictures By Ellen, Ariel, Charlie, & Kyra on 2/4/2007
Thanks for the pictures of Maggie! Kyra loves them!

We're all so jealous of the amazing adventure you're on and hope you come home safely soon!

Re: More pictures By Ellen, Ariel, Charlie, & Kyra on 2/4/2007
Today Kyra calls her MowWow!

Re: More pictures By Kari Grimes on 2/4/2007
I just love checking the website to see the latest updates. The shot with the towel (I am thinking she is right out of the tub...) is adorable. She looks very happy.

I think its so wonderful you three have been able to be away from it all just working on being a family. I know you want to get home but enjoy this precious time - its gonna be over before you know it. (and its really cold here.....)

See you soon. Can't wait to meet her. She truly is a cute kid and will fit right into the rest of your family.

I think she has won everyones heart that has been following the pictures and updates.

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