Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Still Waiting

Well, we are still waiting for travel approval. The CCAA is running a little behind, so here we sit. We have applied for our China travel visas though. They should arrive by UPS tomorrow. We had to fill out a form and then mail the form and our passports to a courier in Chicago. Let me repeat that - mail our passports to a stranger in Chicago! I can't wait until we have those back and we can put them back in the firesafe with the rest of our irreplaceable documents. I'm really paranoid about some of our stuff.Anyway, thanks for checking in! I'll be putting the pictures of Maggie up very soon. And leave me a comment if you stop by! I want to know who's been lurking out there.Update:I've added Maggie's picture gallery. Go see how cute our kid is!

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Re: Still Waiting By Lori on 1/4/2007
We are waiting not so patiently too

Re: Still Waiting By Mom-Joan on 1/7/2007
Stopped to check today. Sweater back is done and I'm well into the front panels. Hope I can get it done in time but also hope it is soon for your sakes. Love, Mom

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