Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Official China Adoption Day!

Hey all, Mary here at last. Maggie went down for a nap so I have a chance to finally get on the computer. The last few days have been amazing and tiring. She is warming up to Bryan, but is still only tolerating him. He's the man with the Cheerios and juice, so she has to interact with him to get her favorite things - but that's it. He did get her to smile with a game of peek-a-boo this morning. Except here in China "bu" means no or not, so we play "peak" or "hey, baby". We don't want to play with her and tell her no at the same time. She's confused enough already.
We're still having eating issues. We saw the orphanage director again today and I asked her if I was making her formula correctly, and she said I was. So I don't know why she won't take her bottle. I don't think a two year old should have a bottle anyway, but it would be good to get something more than Cheerios and peach juice in her! She had some steamed egg at breakfast and some fried rice last night for dinner, so she's eating some food.
Maggie is very attached to me and does not like to be put down. She will cry if I sit her down by herself on the bed or try to get her to stand up. We have spent the last couple of days on the bed surrounded by Cheerios and juice, the Fisher Price people from Ali, Em and Sam, and the rest of the trucks from the set that the red one came from. (We sent the red one over to her last fall) And her comb, she loves her comb. She also cries if I lean back, she likes the physical contact of me behind her.
This is my life in Hefei:

She's also a very wobbly while standing and walking. About the level of a 14-16 month old. We have to work on that.
Bryan typing here. Maggie woke up crying inconsolably while Mary was writing this post. She's just scared I think. Mary will finish this post later.

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Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Sam on 1/30/2007
Sam really wants to tell MayMay that he is Piglet today for Make a Match Day at school. He will be looking for Pooh./When you have any ideas for food that she will eat, I have a noodle cheesy hot dish that I could make for you guys. I'm sure getting her to eat will be difficult. Thanks for the picture and writing. We are checking in all the time-Good Luck & God Bless! The Miotkes

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Joy on 1/30/2007
Hi there. Welcome to parenthood. :) Formula is nutritious but Rachel's nurse told us that she should be drinking whole milk. It plugs her up a bit so we feed her a lot of fruit at breakfast when we can. Perhaps Maggie will drink milk? Also when we feed Rachel juice, we cut it way down with water. She also takes Flintstones, the first years or something like that vitamins. We dissolve it in her milk so she doesn't make such a mess with it. She won't just eat it, she'll put it in her mouth and take it out, getting coloring all over her clothes and face. Rae does drink from a bottle too, but we're trying to wean her off of it. She gets a sippy cup with meals.

Good luck. Sounds like she's going to need a lot of time to get used to the changes. I have two cousins on my dad's side that came from China. Not sure of the city though. Their children were younger though, so adjustment wasn't as hard. Little kids need time and a lot of patience. You've been waiting for a long time for her so I'm sure that you would have no problem with that.


Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Davin on 1/30/2007
I suspect Maggie is slightly scared of Bryan because (I'm guessing here) mostly women worked at the orphanage. Her growth progression may seem a bit delayed but I'm sure she'll rebound. No doubt, the crying is what worked for her at the orphanage. She's a two year old. I'm sure eating will pick up when she becomes more comfortable with the situation. I'm surprised that the orphanage director didn't say that she may have less appetite for a while. However, they are probably used to children being adopted well under two, with different behavior. This is a new experience for the child - as well as for the new parents.

The real question is - did you get the red truck back that you originally mailed to China?

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Lori on 1/30/2007
I wish I could give you some advice, but all I can really tell you is once you figure it out she will change. Being two is so much fun. A lot of 2 year olds survive on cheerios and juice. She will have a lot more adjustments to come. Wait til we throw american food at her. (not literal) Meg will scream when she wakes up if she is not sure where she is. Hard to console her but we just keep talking to her. Good luck, our thoughts and prayers are with you. - Lori

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Mom-Joan on 1/30/2007
Maybe the orphanage has been watering down her formula to wean her off of it. Also, don't forget to offer her water. Beautiful picture, Bryan. Is she scared of the flash? She is even prettier than her early pics showed. My sympathies, Mary. Just hang in there, each day will get better. I suspect the wobbliness is due to her not getting out of the crib very often. By the time you get back here things will already be easier. She is undoubtedly scared and missing what she is familiar with. However wonderfully you guys are treating her she is naturally scared now. Did you try the TV? They may have run one in the orphanage.
She probably hasn't had any contact with men at the orphanage. She'll warm up to you, Bryan. This may be the toughest day for all three of you. Good luck!
Love, Mom

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Ira on 1/30/2007
We have days that sound very similar to this with our kids (although without the steamed eggs, and comb -- I don't even know if my kids have seen a comb), and I've known them for years. You guys are going to be fine.

I'm really excited for you. Congratulations, and I hope you have a safe trip back.

I'll save a few bugs for your return!

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Beth on 1/30/2007
Bryan, before you know it she'll be jumping up and down on your lap and you'll be saying watch out daddy's ...... Just like you say to Meaghan, except for the daddy part.
As long as she is getting some nourishment don't worry too much. I was thinking if she's wobbly now, skates are going to make her really wobbly.

Re: Official China Adoption Day! By Ellen, Ariel, Charlie, & Kyra on 1/30/2007
I'm sure everything's going to be fine - just give it a little time. She'll eat when she's hungry. She'll settle down when she's tired. Just knowing you're always going to be there will occur to her soon no doubt.

Hang in there - we're thinking of you!

Do you know what size she's wearing? (She looks a little bit smaller than Kyra.)

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