Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free Day 7/3/2013

Breakfast with a view.
We all woke up feeling much better on Wednesday morning. We slept in until 5:30! After a good breakfast at the buffet, we headed to the local department store for some water, ramen and snacks for the girls. We got there early, watched some girls march around in uniform for a bit (more on this later), then sat on the steps
Waiting for the store to open.
for a while until we realized they didn't open until 9 a.m. so we headed back to the hotel. We got back to the
Marching girls.
department store just before 9 and heard the sound of a marching band playing. Hmm....that's
different! The girls we had seen earlier were now playing instruments and played a song to open the store. Someone really needs to talk to Target corporate about this, I can really see it catching on in the states.

We bought some ramen for the girls to have for lunch and Margaret was very impressed that there is an entire aisle of the grocery store dedicated to just ramen. Ella is barely tolerating our shenanigans at
this point, haha! Welcome to the family my dear!

We went back to the hotel, had some lunch and then we took the girls swimming. Getting through the fitness center and into the pool is not easy here, it involved signing in, buying swim caps, going into the dressing room and walking through a shallow pool of water to clean our feet before entering the pool, but we got 'r done. Stay tuned for pictures of me looking hot in a swim cap. Sorry boys, this old lady is taken.

Testing the temp.

Ella is not sure she wants to get in.

Barely tolerating this.

Taking some time to get used to the water on her own terms.

Becoming more comfortable.

Hmmm....maybe this pool with mama thing isn't all that bad.

This might actually be fun!!

This trip to the pool was all part of my evil plan to get her to trust me, and I think it worked!!
See Ella! Mama didn't let you sink to the bottom! Are we good?


Mom said...

Looking good, Mary!
I wouldn't worry if Ella is a bit reticent about affection. I came from a family that was not very huggy and was uncomfortable with people touching me at all - still am actually. I would wash her hair if she needs help but show her how to do it - I'm guessing she has been taught to take care of herself and doesn't know how to react. I'm guessing that she is wondering why you didn't get her along with Maggie 6 years ago. Someone who can interpret for you & her might be a big help. Will there be counseling? Anyway it will all resolve itself eventually. this is a big adjustment for all of you. It will take time.

Michelle and Stefan said...

ha! I remember that pool! Don't worry Ella, we never got Max into it. The would just dip his toes and whine. I do remember it being cold. And yes....I bet you haven't worn a swim cap since about 2nd grade swim lessons :) You are absolutely right, swimming is a great way to bond. Way to go in celebrating each step of the way!