Monday, May 10, 2010

Another update on our LWB babies

As I told you all last week, Ruby has been matched with her forever family and they will be picking her up on May 24th! I sent an email to the LWB Medical Coordinator and received an update on little Margaret this morning. She is so precious!

Here's what her March report said:
Margaret seems to be doing quite well and has recovered nicely from
her surgery! We have been told that she is able to roll over and sit up on her
own now. She has a hearty appetite and is a good sleeper. Margaret still sleeps
on her tummy because of the surgery, though.
Your generosity has made such a difference to Margaret! Thank you so much!


Rebekah said...

To Mary:
My name is Rebekah Wilder and I am currently developing my own ministry for the orphaned, abandoned, and disabled children of China called HOPE STATION. I live in the Twin Cities and would love to get in touch with you sometime to hear your story. Let me know if you are interested, just email me.
Blessings, Rebekah

PedenZoo said...

Hi Mary
I am another XiaoXian mom. We adopted Abbie in April 2006. I had to laugh a little at the pooh bear sweatshirt your little one was wearing, because Abbie had her referral photo in it too. I wanted to ask you, did your little girl have a problem with water, baths and washing her hair? Abbie screams and screams even now years later and I just wondered if it was something from the SWI. Take care! Amy Peden