Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Preparations

This morning, Maggie was pushing around her Bitty Baby in the doll stroller, shopping bag over the handle (just like mommy), and reading aloud from her 'shopping list' a.k.a. a paper napkin..."hmm, toys for Meaghan, toys for Leah and toys for Baby Jesus!"

We went out and got her this 17 piece Nativity set at Walmart yesterday. It was only $15! What a bargain and so cute too. She loves to hear how the angel told Mary she was going to have a baby and how Jesus was born in a stable and the kings brought him gifts, so that's why we give gifts to the people we love. The set comes with a hay bale. She puts the hay bale in the manger and then precariously places Jesus on top. They laid the baby down on a bed of hay remember? She takes these things very seriously - and literally.

She also loves to hear about how Santa is going to sneak into our house to bring her presents. She sneaks around on her tiptoes like a cat burglar and asks "is dis how Santa sneaks?"
Sure Marge, just like that.

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well!

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