Thursday, October 9, 2008

"The One"

I was watching Love Without Boundaries videos on youtube today and this song by David King was playing in the background of one of the videos.

Do I even have to tell you I cry every time I hear it?

I bought the single off of amazon. Yay amazon!

The One
(Sydney's Song)

Verse 1:

Hey there little brown-eyed girl

Hey there, don’t be shy

You’ve come such a long way

And you don’t even know why

Verse 2:

Thinking about the days ahead

Will the past play on your mind?

All I know for certain

I couldn’t love you more if I tried

Chorus 1:

And I… want to be the one

I know we’re meant to be

Cry if you feel it come, you can

Rest your head on me

Verse 3:

I love when you reach for me
Fingers play across my face

Sometimes can’t help staring

You’re such a picture of God’s grace

Chorus 2:

And I… want to be the one

Lay your head on me

Cry when your world’s undone, you can

Bring your cares and your worries

Repeat Chorus

I want to be the one who holds you tight
I want to be the one who says goodnight

I want to be the one who’s always there
Put the bows and ribbons in your hair

I want to be the one who’s by your side
Be the one who gives away the bride

(Fade) I want to be the one

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