Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She's just such a funny, funny kid...

"Oh maaaaaaaaaaaannnn, come on Dad get home." That's what she's saying right now as she's waiting for Bryan at the back door.

Earlier when I told her to get her shoes on because Mom and Dad are going to vote, she said "I want to vote too!", I told her she had to wait until she was 18, but she was welcome to observe the democratic process in action when we voted (yes those were my actual words). Her answer, "YAY!"

Even earlier we were upstairs and I told her not to turn on her penguin humidifier and turned around to leave the room. She said "but I love him!" I turned around and saw her giving her humidifier a one-armed, under the armpit, you're my best friend forever kind of hug.

And this morning I overheard her talking on her fake cell-phone "Do you like my pajamas?" (She told me later she was talking to her Dad.)

Where does this come from?

And one last story, we were going to Trader Joe's a few weeks ago and someone took the parking spot I wanted. "Dammit!" I said. She says "Mommy, no say dammit. Say Oh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

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