Saturday, April 19, 2008

Parke and Krista's Wedding

We just got back from the wedding. It was a nice little affair at the local public ski area. They rented out the Community Center on the grounds, which is an A-frame chalet with a view of the ski jump area. Really cool.
If anyone is reading these blog posts, please leave a comment. I'm am damn sick and tired of coming up with blog posts and pictures when I don't even know if I have an audience!
I'll post pictures later. Maybe.
Kiss my baby for me!


Unknown said...

Mommy and Daddy -
Auntie LoLo and I look everyday and follow your adventures and talk about what you are doing today. I really like the pictures of you. I am very happy about no big fish. uri8yfyselfyeslfyuszkdf (that is actually Maggie writing) We finally get to play outside today and I might even go to a baby shower.
I love and miss you very much,

Beth said...

I'm reading, keep those pictures coming. Thanks for the pint glass.