Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm really cute today!

With fear of becoming immodest, I must say that I am particularly adorable this afternoon.

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Re: I'm really cute today! By Joy on 4/17/2007
Very chic. Dressing them up really is one of the funnest parts..although Rachel doesn't really enjoy it as much as mom and dad do. But she did get a kick out of her little grass skirt she got this spring with her swimming suit. I keep hearing talk about getting the three two year old cousins together. It would be fun to see them all interact. Rachel is not used to playing with other kids her age. She gets excited and is not shy at all at the sight of other kids but it's few and far between that she gets to play with them.


Re: I'm really cute today! By Nana on 4/19/2007
It's true, you really do look particularly fetching. Your spring wardrobe is strictly haute couture! No doubt your demeanor was also adorable. Mom & Dad are enjoying having you be their little someone so much! And so is Nana.
Love, Nana

Re: I'm really cute today! By Auntie Loie on 7/7/2007
You certainly are, my dear!

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